COVID Testing Fraud Is The Latest Target Of The Texas Attorney General

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TEXAS (1080 KRLD)- Attorney General Ken Paxton Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Clinica Hispana in La Porte, Texas, which he believes has both misrepresented the character of its COVID-19 testing as well as its failure to secure patients’ personal information. Clinica Hispana claims its tests can diagnose an active infection, but the type of tests used by the clinic are not approved for such a use. 

“I will not allow anyone or any business to fraudulently represent COVID testing in our communities. Patients must be assured that the tests they take and results they receive are accurate and their personal information will be protected,” said Attorney General Paxton. “We look forward to litigation in this case and will continue working diligently to ensure Texans receive the testing and potentially life-saving treatment they need.” 

An Office of the Attorney General investigation discovered that Clinica Hispana was giving people antibody tests and telling them that it would diagnose an infection, when such test cannot diagnose an active infection. In addition to conducting fraudulent tests, Clinica Hispana also threw away test results using an unsecured dumpster behind the clinic, which directly violates Texas identity theft laws.

Read a copy of the petition HERE.