Coyote Drive-In to Host "Drive-In Concert" Series

coyote drive in
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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) - Fort Worth's Coyote Drive-In movie theater will shift to music Saturday. The complex will host a concert Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. featuring Paul Cauthen, Nikki Lane, Vincent Neil Emerson, and Remy Reilly.

"We're doing a matinee, and we're super, super fired up about it," says producer Brandt Wood.

Coyote Drive-In says every movie since it reopened three weeks ago has sold out.

"We found a niche, and that niche has exploded in the unique confluence of social distancing, and with people staying confined, there's that pent-up demand," Wood says. "The chance to see artists delivering their unique, connective tissue of our culture after not playing for months, I think people are going to be in for a really rippin' show."

At the concert Saturday, Wood says people have the same options as a movie: they can watch and listen from their cars or sit outside in chairs or on a blanket. People cannot gather near the stage.

Coyote Drive-In has an app where people can order food to prevent customers from standing together in a line. Wood says the bathrooms also have "touchless" fixtures.

"It's almost like, although we didn't plan it this way, we built the most COVID-friendly bathrooms," he says.

Wood says he plans on launching a series of concerts to continue through the summer.

Cars can enter the concert for $40. That includes admission for two people. Children five and under are free with adult supervision.

Tickets are available at​.