Dallas Police Adopt New Policies To Promote Equity

Dallas Police Car
Photo credit NBC 5 News
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) - The Dallas Police Department is changing several long-standing policies as part of an effort to promote a better relationship with the community after nation-wide protests of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Some of the policies will go into effect immediately, while others will be adopted this summer.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has already announced a Duty to Intervene Policy. It requires officers who witness another officer using force they believe is inappropriate or not required to step in and stop it. In the case of George Floyd, one police officer in Minneapolis is accused of directly causing his death by placing his knee on Floyd's neck. The other three officers at the scene are charged with aiding and abetting murder. The Dallas Police Department banned chokeholds in 2004. 

On June 12th, Chief Hall will order the department to adopt a Warning Before Shooting Policy. That means officers will be required to warn a suspect or detainee before firing a weapon at the person.

Those are two parts of a plan that City Manager T.C. Broadnax is calling "One Dallas: R.E.A.L. Change", with "R.E.A.L." standing for Responsible, Equitable, Accountable and Legitimate.

"We have definitely made progress," said Broadnax, "but we acknowledge it’s not enough. R.E.A.L. Change mandates more innovations, both short-term and long-term that will create safer neighborhoods and modify police protocols and policies."

There will also be a review of all of DPD's use of force policies by the end of August.

The department will also craft a policy for releasing body camera and dashboard camera videos of critical incidents by the end of June.