Dallas Woman Arrested In Cop Murder Case

Old priston with it's bars locked up
Photo credit Credit: txking/Getty Images

DALLAS (1080 KRLD)- A Dallas woman is now locked up for 25-years after taking part in the murder of a retired Dallas Police officer almost two years ago. The officer was one of the team that arrested Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas Theater November 22, 1963.

McKaylee Ann Carpenter, 21, was arrested along with David Rickerson for capital murder in the beating and suffocation death of Edward Sebastian, 86.  His body was found in his Pleasant Grove home.  The retired Dallas Police Officer had been dead for several days when his body was found, a police report says.

Carpenter pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of murder in exchange for the 25-year term.  A capital murder conviction would have put Carpenter in prison for life with no chance for parole.  Last year Rickerson pleaded guilty to a felony murder charge for a prison term of life, with the chance for parole.  The soonest he can qualify is 2048.

Sebastian was one of the men who took down Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas Theater after Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy and, later, Dallas officer J.D Tippit. He later retired and worked as a trucker before starting a lawnmowing service in his 80s.

Sebastian was killed in his home after befriending both Rickerson and Carpenter.

"They weren't intending to hurt my dad.  They were just going to rip him off." said Ray Sebastian, the victim's son.

Rickerson's father had served time in prison, but was hired by Sebastian.  That is how the Edward Sebastian came to know the younger Rickerson, said Ray Sebastian.

On or about July 25, 2018, the younger Rickerson met Carpenter at a downtown Dallas DART rail station.  The two formulated a scheme to get money from Sebastian, said the police report. 

Their timing could not have come at a worse time for Sebastian, whose daughter had died from cancer the day before.  Emotionally, drained, Sebastian agreed to let the son of his former employee stay the night, along with Carpenter.

"My dad tried to help that guy out every way he could" said Sebastian.  "My dad was a very forgiving man.  Whenever David and this McKaylee came to his house that day, my sister died on a Tuesday and they killed my dad on Wednesday."

Sebastian says Carpenter and Rickerson had been using heroin when his father got up in the middle of the night, catching the two using the drugs at his table.  That's when they attacked, and killed the former cop.

The two stole the lawnmowing equipment and sold it to unsuspecting lawn crews in the area over the next day.  They also stole Sebastian's truck.  Rickerson got into an accident with the stolen vehicle and was arrested.  Sebastian's body was found in a closet. A dresser had been pushed against the door, court records say.

While the younger Sebastian agrees that Rickerson got everything he had coming, he doubts his father would have wanted a more severe sentence for Carpenter.

"I think my dad would have wanted to give her a chance, because she really hadn't been in any trouble. [She] led a pretty hard life at a very early age.  And that's just they way my dad was.  He'd have given her another shot." said Sebastian.