Denton Police Investigate Reports Of Suspicious Activity, Attempted Abduction

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Denton police are investigating reports of suspicious activity in the Rayzor Ranch area. 

After reports of suspicious activity and attempted abduction, police say they’re increasing patrol in the area.

"The Denton Denton Police Department will increase presence in the Rayzor Ranch area just to let people know that we're out there and we're watching the situation," says Police Liaison Amy Cunningham. 

Cunningham says some incidents have been reported online, but an official report has also been filed with the police department. She says the situation has garnered a lot of community interest. 

In addition to the increased patrol, police are also working with businesses in Rayzor Ranch to communicate any suspicious activity or incidents in the future. 

Police say anyone who feels concerned or in danger should call 911 immediately.

"We just really encourage folks to be aware of their surroundings," Cunningham says. "Don't be looking at your phone while you're walking through a parking lot or through a store. Stay vigilant."

If you see suspicious activity or become the target of an attempted abduction, police say you should do more than make a social media post about it ... they say you need to let them know as soon as you can.

The Denton Police Department is aware of social media reports about suspicious activity and attempted abductions in the Rayzor Ranch area. We will increase patrol in the vicinity to address these concerns & will work with businesses to better communicate these incidents with us.

— Denton Police Dept (@DENTONPD) August 16, 2020