Fort Worth Police Investigate Second Road Rage Shooting in Five Days

Fort Worth Police Department
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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Fort Worth police say road rage led to a shooting along Highway 287 near Rosedale Sunday afternoon. A man who asked not to be identified says he was driving down 287 in Southeast Fort Worth Sunday when he changed lanes, leading to another driver shooting at his pick-up truck.

"I looked in my mirror to switch lanes, and it looks like he's pretty far back there," he says. "But as I get into that lane, he's right behind us. I'm guessing he went pretty fast and maybe took it as me cutting him off."

The pick-up driver says the driver of the other car started shooting.

"Next thing I know there's just bullets flying through the back window," he says. "It seems like he didn't quit shooting until he ran out of bullets."

Neither he nor a passenger were hurt. The driver of the pick-up pulled off into a gas station.

He says the back window had shattered, a bullet blew out a tire and several bullets hit the side of his truck. He says one bullet also hit the back, passenger-side headrest.

"The police officer actually said it fragmented, and if it didn't fragment, my roommate in the passenger seat, that bullet would have ended up in his head," he says.

Police have not made any arrests. Sunday, they confirmed the description of the vehicle used in the shooting as a silver Honda Civic between model years 1995-2000 with a black hood and customized wheels. Witnesses described the wheels as "stanced" with the back wheels at an angle.

The shooting Sunday followed another road rage case on a different part of Highway 287 last Wednesday. Police say someone was driving on 287 in Northwest Fort Worth when he honked at another driver he says was swerving through traffic. Police say the other driver fired several shots at the car, hitting the victim in the arm.

That victim was treated and released from the hospital. The victim described the car as a white four-door sedan with tinted windows.