Funds Allocated To Help Nursing Home Residents Stay Connected

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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Covid-19 restrictions means friends and family cannot visit their loved ones in nursing homes. 

Now the state has earmarked a total of $3.6 million for these homes to purchase tablets, headphones and webcams so residents can better stay in touch.

Kelly Weldon with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission says "staying connected to family and friends is vitally important to Texans who live in nursing facilities and this is an unprecedented situation.  We want these facilities to know this option exist that can help connect residents to their loved ones virtually."Nursing homes are encouraged to apply.  Each facility can get three thousand dollars to buy the equipment, which must be cleaned and sterilized between use.The money is coming from civil penalties paid out by Medicaid or Medicare nursing facilities not in compliance with federal requirements.