Inspector General To Investigate Fort Hood's Handling Of Disappearance And Murder Of Vanessa Guillen

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

“A full, independent review by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense will look at the whole thing of what happened to Vanessa, again beginning with her disappearance, ultimately finding her remains.”

Garcia said the investigation will also delve into sexual harassment charges that Guillen is said to have made to family, friends, and colleagues on the base shortly before going missing.

“It will look at the criminal side, but it'll also look at her allegations of sexual harassment,” said Garcia. “she never officially filed the complaint. She never officially went in there and filed the form, but she did complain and shared her story with her sister and a friend back in Houston. She shared it with friends there on the base, so something did happen. They should have investigated that to see what happened and who knew what, when.”

Secretary McCarthy also told the group he would assemble his own panel to investigate whether there are systemic problems on the base.

About that Garcia said, “He's putting together an independent panel of three to five experts to review the processes, procedures, the climate, the environment, in everything at Fort hood to determine what happened, what could have been done better and how they might be able to, to fix it.”