Judge Orders Recount Of 44 Dallas County Voting Places

Vote, Voting Booth
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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - A Dallas County judge has ordered a recount of 44 Dallas County voting places after votes from about ten percent of the county's vote tabulating machines were reported as missing.

District Court judge Emily Tobolowsky has agreed that the Dallas County Elections department should be able to open sealed containers from the problem areas and conduct a paper recount.

The problem was discovered when the number of votes cast didn't match what was on computers.

Elections administrator Toni Pippins-Poole says it's important to keep voter trust.Up to 8,000 ballots may be involved.

Pippins-Poole says the problem polls were scattered around the county. 

Toni Pippins-Poole in court for hearing over recount of ballots from 44 locations. pic.twitter.com/LZUXaJNGtu

— L.P. Phillips (@lpphillips) March 10, 2020