Lewisville Man Who Caused Frenzy During Protest Was A Homeless Man

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

LEWISVILLE (1080 KRLD)- Lewisville police and the organizers of Tuesday's rally both agree the actions of a homeless man, not affiliated with the demonstration, was the cause of a dust-up. 

Marchers say their demonstration was proceeding peacefully when a frenzy developed and teargas was used. 

"One guy who was intoxicated left the group" said Chief Kevin Deaver, Lewisville Police, on a video released by the city.  "I don't know if he was at the rally or not.  He ran into oncoming traffic.  Cars were swerving around him."

The video was produced by the City of Lewisville.  Organizers who appeared on the video say it accurately reflects their allegations.

Chester Corder, 53, a homeless man whose last address was Dallas, then ran into the crowd with officers in pursuit, said Deaver. The demonstrators say Corder was not a part of their group.  The oganizers agree that the struggle between Corder and demonstrators that followed was a misunderstanding.

"Everything started good and started well and it started peaceful, the it got messed up" said DaShantenaya Lee, one of the organizers, on the video. 

"Once the three of us made it back we were able to regain control. But the incident happened when we were not there, although we are sorry for them, our group was not responsible."

Deaver said the teargas was not fired at the protestors, rather it was set down and carried in their direction by the wind. 

Court records show Corder has numerous arrests in Dallas County dating back to 1987.  All are for misdemeanors that include drunk driving and resisting arrest.  He has been placed on community supervision at least twice.