North Texas Professor Willing To Teach Foreign Students In-Person To Avoid Deportation

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Photo credit fizkes/GettyImages
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

A ruling this week from Immigration and Customs Enforcement says young scholars here under the Student Exchange Visitor Program will be have to leave the United States if they attend a college or university with only online classes.   

David Arditi is a University of Texas at Arlington sociology associate professor. He says he'll conduct in person independent studies, likely one on one, from a safe distance to keep those students in the US. 

"We would meet following face-to-face regulations. Since it would be one-on-one it would be far fewer I can meet outside in the open. More than six feet away I can meet pretty much anywhere" said Arditi.He says for an independent study, he would give students something to read and they would meet every week or every other week and talk about what they read.  Arditi says he's under 40 and is in good health, plus he does not believe he is at high risk to have a bad outcome should he catch COVID-19. "I'm personally willing to go the extra mile to help students when some of my colleagues cannot.  When we were first debating whether to go online or do face-to-face classes, I'd actually volunteered to teach a face-to-face class because I figured somebody's got to do it, and I'm  in a pretty privileged position to survive this disease."He says the CDC has said it's best to close universities while the White House has urged them to open up. "I really wish we weren't put in this position.  I wish we could just follow the CDC guidelines and not have to scramble to help our vulnerable students who are international."