Photo Criticizing Senator Ted Cruz For Not Wearing Mask Posted By Democratic Operative

Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Photo credit AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Because of social media criticis, including a photograph, American Airlines is trying to contact Senator Ted Cruz who was seen not wearing a mask on a recent American flight.

In the photo, Cruz can be seen holding a cup of coffee on the flight and not wearing the mask that is required by the airline to travel.

Cruz's office says the Senator only took the mask off to eat and drink which is permissible under American's rules. But the airline says it plans to contact Cruz anyway.

The Star-Telegram's parent company McClatchy reports the photo was posted on the Twitter feed of a man who works for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

Captured today at 10:45am — @TedCruz on a commercial flight, refusing to wear a mask.

— Hosseh (@hossehenad) July 13, 2020