Rule Change Means Formerly Convicted Texans Could Work in Security

Police Officer
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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

A Texas DPS proposal would put a stop to denying security licenses for those with unrelated minor criminal convictions. 

Tatiana Pino, attorney with the Institute for Justice says that includes past offenses like "single marijuana possession. single DUI offenses.  Even of those offenses were two decades ago, they were being denied private security licenses.  We're hopeful that people with this sort of past, of really minor and irrelevant offenses can be given a second chance."She says it's a matter of economic liberty.  "People leaving prison need jobs as much as anyone else.  Making it more difficult for the formerly convicted to get jobs actually doesn't help anyone and arguably threatens public safety."There are lots of jobs in that industry...including things like security officers, alarm installers, lock smiths and private detectives.The Institute for Justice submitted comments to the Texas Department of Public Safety supporting rules proposed on October 25, 2019.She says a 2016 study shows that, between 1997 and 2007, recidivism rates grew by at least 9% in states with the heaviest licensing burdens and shrank by 2.5% in states with the lightest licensing burdens.