Service Dogs Sent To El Paso To Help Families & First Responders

Service Dog
Photo credit © Chernetskaya |
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) - First responders had to answer the calls for the victims of the shooting at the Walmart over the weekend. It only took a day for the second responders to get there to help with the families AND those first responders. 

Those second responders are special dogs from Service Dogs, Inc in Dripping Springs.

Their president and founder is Sheri Soltes. She says Service Dogs placed 3 of them with EMS managers at Del Sol Hospital in El Paso.

They're trained to help give those first responders a break from all of the trauma that they experienced in dealing with the grief, stress, and trauma at the Walmart. Soltes also says the dogs help those first responders reset. Some time with the dogs can relax them enough so they can get back to work on saving lives. 

Those dogs are also able to help families process what they're going through as well. 

Soltes says the service dogs seem to know which people need them the most, and she says they "beeline" to those that need them.