Should I Send My Kid Back To School In-Person?

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Photo credit Maria_Castellanos/GettyImages

Thousands of North Texas parents are going back and forth this month, trying to decide whether it's safe for their child to go back to school in person.

While the physical impacts of COVID-19 appear to be more limited for kids, there are medical conditions and medications that can put kids at greater risk.

Children's Health and UT Southwestern have formed an online dashboard that categorizes various medical conditions by three risk categories: low, moderate, and high.

"The high risk conditions fall into two different categories," says Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children’s Health and Professor at UT Southwestern. "If your child has an underlying disease that may make them more susceptible to COVID infection and disease, and the second category would be the types of medication they may be on that may suppress their immunity."

The risk categories were determined by expert consensus opinion. Dr. Kahn says you should also consult with your child's physician when deciding on in-person learning.

You can find the online dashboard here.​