"Support Local" Program Helps Customers Buy Gift Cards From Their Favorite Restaurants

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Photo credit PJjaruwan/GettyImages

They are the most popular gifts at Christmas time, and now, they're a great buy for companies affected by COVID-19.  

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? 

There are a lot of businesses that are holding on for dear life, because of the Coronavirus. And, some of them are taking part in a program to keep the money flowing in, without the need to make food or delivery services to workout facilities. 

USA Today has put together a new program, called "Support Local." It lets customers buy gift cards from those places, that can be used when business gets back to normal. 

The webiste has a search function, where you can put in the name of your city to see if any businesses are taking part. For example, in Dallas, there are 19 businesses taking part. They include everything from the Blue Sushi Sake Grill to Nick and Sams' to Lotus Yoga. 

There are separate businesses for Fort Worth and Frisco.