Texas A&M Settles Lawsuit With PETA

Texas Courtroom
Photo credit Credit:Rawf8/GettyImages
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Texas A&M has settled a lawsuit with People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals

PETA claimed that A&M used filters on Facebook to hide comments containing words like abuse, testing, and dog.  PETA for years has protested medical research used on dogs at the university. 

Now A&M says it will stop and will pay $75,000 in legal fees.  A&M says they can still delete comments for relevancy.

PETA attorney Gabe Walters says not so fast. "We think that when a public university opens the interactive spaces of its own social media pages, it doesn't get to select for the comments that it likes and delete the comments that it doesn't like."

Under the settlement, the school admits no wrongdoing   

In a statement, A&M spokeswoman Amy Smith says "We believe that we have found a way to move forward to end this litigation that demonstrates our university's strong commitment to the First Amendment. We hope this can be of use to other universities dealing with complexities of the social media landscape."