Texas Annual "Tax-Free" Holiday Starts Today

School Supplies
Photo credit Maria_Castellanos/GettyImages

School districts across the state are welcoming students back this month and this is the weekend to save on those back to school supplies.


It's tax free weekend in Texas and it starts today meaning back to school supplies including clothes, shoes and backpacks can be purchased tax free. Items that qualify have to be priced less than 100 bucks each.

Tax free weekend has been around since 1999...last year alone Texans saved more than 102-million dollars in sales tax on just over one point 2 billion dollars in sales.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's unclear how much Texans will spend and save this year .

The Comptrollers office reports Texans were spending big in May and June reporting sales were up 23 percent compared to last year. The first round of government stimulus checks may have encouraged that spending.

The sales tax weekend runs thru midnight Sunday