Texas Dentist Says Wearing That Face Mask Could Increase Your Chances Of Getting Cavities

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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

HOUSTON (1080 KRLD)- Dr. Piya Ghandi is a pediatric dentist in Houston at West U Pediatric dentistry.

She says it's not the facemask itself but the way we tend to breath when wearing one. She says many of us breathe through our mouth and not our nose.

She says this makes our mouths dry. Dr. Ghandi says, "Those with a dry mouth tend to get more cavities.

That's because our saliva is one of the ways we protect our teeth from getting cavities. So, as the saliva is in our mouth it's constantly rewetting our teeth and making it less prone to cavities.

So, if we are drying out our mouth by breathing through our mouth then that risk becomes higher.

"She recommends taking many water breaks, chewing sugar free gum, and using mouthwash with flouride that is not alcohol based.