Texas Farmers Are One Step Closer To Growing Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp
Photo credit jessicahyde/GettyImages

AUSTIN (KRLD) - The US Department of Agriculture has given preliminary approval to the Texas regulations that will govern the growth of industrial hemp.

“This is a victory for Texas farmers. With USDA approval of our Texas Hemp Plan, we are one step closer to giving our AG producers access to this exciting new crop opportunity,” said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. “It is still not legal to grow hemp – so don’t put those seeds in the ground just yet. We’ve got to get our rules approved and get our licensing program up and running, but the dominoes are dropping pretty quick. We’re almost there."

Miller expects the USDA to give final approval to the new regulations once they make it through the State approval process.

“After we’ve closed the ‘comment period’ and adopted our rules, then we’ll wait on that,” added Miller. “So we should be able to start issuing licenses and permits probably around the 7th or 8th of March.”

Miller says the farmers will need both permits and licenses in order to grow industrial hemp. He expects both to cost $100. Licenses will also be necessary for hemp processors, handlers and shippers.

According to Miller, “Anybody that touches hemp will have to get a license.”