Texas Settlement Over Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Results Price Freeze

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Photo credit Credit: Preto_perola/GettyImages
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD
Terms of the agreement include requirements that the New T-Mobile:
  • Give all Texas customers access to the same or better unlimited talk, text, and data rate plans like those offered by T-Mobile as of the date of the agreement for the next five years;
  • Give all Texas customers access to T-Mobile limited data rate plans at a cost far below what is currently offered in the industry;
  • Commit to provide 5G wireless broadband coverage to areas where most Texans live, including most Texans living in rural portions of the state within the next three years and to expand that 5G coverage dramatically within the next six years;
  • Offer Texas residents that are currently employed by Sprint and T-Mobile substantially similar employment with the New T-Mobile.