UT Arlington Fraternity Sued By Student In Hazing Case

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ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - A former UT Arlington student is now suing a fraternity, claiming a hazing-related drinking session made him so sick he had to withdraw from school.

Last year, Ric Riner was a junior at UTA and was hoping to join the fraternity Sigma Chi. In addition to other requirements, Riner claims he was coerced into drinking beer and a fifth of hard liquor.

Before he even finished the bottle, his lawsuit states he blacked out.

He was taken to the hospital and his lawyer says Riner nearly died from alcohol poisoning.

Seven years ago, Sigma Chi was one of several UTA frat chapters put on probation for alcohol abuse. And just last May, just weeks after the Riner episode, the fraternity's international executive board put the UTA chapter on indefinite suspension for alcohol policy violations.