Whataburger Giving Makeover To Several Restaurants, Expanding Outside Texas

Photo credit © Caller-Times-USA TODAY NETWORK
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

One of Texas' favorite burger joints is getting makeover.

Don't worry the orange and white is staying put, but say goodbye to Whataburgers trademark A-frame design.

Whataburger says its merging old and new and will be deemphasizing its familiar A-frame shaped stores. The company says they will be adding glass to the front of the building, update the interior decor and refashion the kitchens.

The new interior will have a modern yet retro feel with and orange and grey seating.

Two locations are currently undergoing makeovers in San Antonio, and over the next 10 years all Whataburgers will get the same treatment.

And Whataburger is now franchising restaurants for the first time in 20 years, so if you're driving through Kansas City and Tennesee you might see a Whataburger soon.