Fort Worth Police Release Body Cam Footage Of Hostage Standoff, Shootout

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD
(Video Warning: Graphic Content)

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - For the first time, we are getting an up-close look at what police had to deal with as they responded to a hostage crisis at a west Fort Worth apartment complex last Thursday.

Fort Worth Police released 5:27 worth of body cam footage.

It starts with a woman who escaped from the apartment where Markevvion Cannon, 19, was holding three people hostage leading police to the unit.

Police demanded that Cannon surrender.

He would not do so peacefully, opening fire at officers through the front door.

Police retrieve additional ballistic protection, including shields, helmets and body armor.

One of those shields ended up saving an officer's life.

Officers then evacuate the building, telling everyone in the parking lot to get out.

The SWAT team arrives, and Cannon shoots at those officers from the window of the third-floor unit.

SWAT officers then entered the apartment and found Cannon with a gun in the master bedroom closet with the hostages seated on the floor.

After Cannon raised his gun, a SWAT officer fired one shot, hitting him.

Cannon was rushed to JPS Hospital, where he died shortly after arrival.

The SWAT officer who fired the fatal shot is a nine-year veteran of the force.

He was placed on routine paid administrative leave.