Several DA's Rethinking Approach To Prosecuting Marijuana Cases

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Several district attorneys in north Texas are rethinking their approach to marijuana cases following a new state law.

Marijuana in Texas is now anything that contains .3-percent of THC or higher. Anything less is considered hemp.

But to determine how much THC a sample has, requires an expensive test, one that many counties simply don't have enough money to pay for.

Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson says he will now require that test from police before he will prosecute any new marijuana cases.

"We cannot afford to pay for the lab testing for the almost 800 marijuana cases that we accept on an annual basis, so we will have to share that cost," Wilson says.

Dallas, Tarrant and other counties will require the same.

Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to District and County Attorneys telling them to stop dismissing the cases and to try them based on circumstantial evidence. He also mentioned that the complicated testing process is getting cheaper.