2020 Offical Hurricane Forecast

Hurricane Evacuation Route
Photo credit Darwin Brandis/GettyImages
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

NOAA's prediction for the up coming 2020 hurricane is hot off the press.

ONLINE: 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Predictions 

An above normal hurricane season has been predicted this year, with 13 to 19 named storms forecast, 6-10 of these may become hurricanes there is a 60% chance of this occuring,

Why you may ask? Well, El Nino (warmer than normal water temps) is fading and La Nina (cooling than normal water temps) will slowly return the second of of this year. Plus, water temperatures in the Caribbean and Atlantic Basin are warmer than average, mid level wind shear and tropical trade winds are forecast to be on the lighter side, and an active monsoon season is forecast for western Africa. This type of set up has happened a few time since 1995 and an active hurricane season has followed.

If you have property or live along the Gulf or Atlantic seaboard, please have your emergency supply kits stocked and ready as well as other important items you may need to grab quickly, just in case you have to react to an approaching storm, after you're given a very short lead time.