Hire Dallas! Mayor's Job Fair Underway

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson
Photo credit Credit: Alan Scaia, 1080 KRLD
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

During a time of dual pain, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has organized a huge virtual job fair for Wednesday June 3 and Thursday June 4.

The job fair features around 1,800 jobs, paying anywhere from $14/hour to $40/hour.

"We've got to get Dallas residents back working," says Rev. Donald Parrish Jr. of True Lee Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas. "Those who are able to work, qualified to work, and who want to better themselves and better their families.

Job seekers can sign up and participate in the job fair at: hiredallas.easyvirtualfair.com

I am hosting #HireDallas! Mayor’s Virtual Job Fair today and tomorrow. Anyone looking for a job is welcome to register and join the fair right now. We have more than 35 employers offering nearly 1,800 positions. You can join on your phone--or computer----‍--. https://t.co/0GJktKzaGB pic.twitter.com/IVRZ2rDD6W— Mayor Eric Johnson (@Johnson4Dallas) June 3, 2020