Difference Maker Cops Go Beyond The Call Of Duty

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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Dallas Police Officers Rasheedia McIntyre and Delia Pessina have seen a lot in their years patrolling Central Division, but it was an encounter with a 2 year old that led them to go beyond the call the duty. 

They were responding to another call when a 2 year old boy flashed a huge smile and started talking to them. Eventually, he led the officers to his apartment, where they met his mother. 

The officers asked if the family of six had just moved into the apartment because it was completely empty. 

"She said they'd been living there for a couple of months," Officer Pessina said. "You walk out of there thinking, 'This can't happen. These kids cannot be sleeping on this bare floor.'"

The kids ranged in age from 2 to 11. 

The officers walked out of apartment thinking the same thing; this family needs help and we're going to help them. 

With approval from their chief, they sent an email raising money and one of their volunteers, Ms. Carol Archer, put out a plea on facebook. 

With the help of the community they were able to get it done. ​They were able to furnish the entire apartment with a coach, beds, a dining room table and get the family groceries and clothes. 

The family was excited and grateful. 

For these officers, it's what "protecting and serving" is all about.

"When I was younger, I had an officer impact my life so that's the reason I am where I am today," Officer Pessina said. "So for me, if I can do the same for a child, I hope and pray that that pattern continues. You do something good for someone and they do something good for someone else." 

"I always knew I wanted to help people," said Officer McIntyre. 

We're proud to call Officers Rasheedia McIntyre and Delia Pessina this week's KRLD Difference Makers. 

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