KRLD Difference Makers | Teachers Feed Children's Minds & Souls

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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

It's been challenging for everyone to adjust to the "new normal" especially for teachers and students who are now having to do school online.

Online chats just don't have the same effect! Fifth grade teacher at Jack C. Binion Elementary School in the Birdville ISD, Tiffany Meinke, said it's been a stressful time for many people. 

"For two weeks, I've been talking to kids and parents who are stressed out about their health, they are stressing about the economy and their paycheck. They're really stressing about online school," she said. 

In the age of social distancing, there is little human interaction and it's been a challenge for teachers, students and parents. 

"We miss and love and cherish our kids at JCB and it's been hard," said Jennifer Dye, the resource teacher at Jack C. Binion Elementary School. 

That's when she thought it would really lift everyone's spirits if they all got to see other - even from far away! The teachers decided to create a "parade route" through their student's neighborhoods so they could wave to their students from afar.

"Just a wave," Jennifer said. "Just to see their faces and let them know that we are here." 

It was a success. Parents and students were outside with signs and everyone's spirits were lifted. 

"We needed it just as much as they did," TIffany said. 

We're proud to call all teachers this week's KRLD Difference Makers. 

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