Reopened Amusement Parks Ban Screaming on Roller Coasters

By ALT 103.7

As businesses begin to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are figuring out what the new normal will be once customers return.

For a group of amusement parks in Japan, that means asking attendees to try a new way of expressing joy while at their parks.

The East and West Japan Theme Park Associations has put a ban on screaming, shouting, or cheering in the parks, including while attendees are on roller coasters.

While the group of amusement parks are looking for any way to keep their customers safe, many wonder if they would be able to refrain from screaming while on a roller coaster.

However, those behind the proposal believe screaming could increase the chances of spreading droplets from people's mouths and possibly infect others at the park, reported Travel and Leisure.

The new rule has left some roller coaster enthusiasts less than pleased.

“It’s kind of torture to be back at your favorite place in the world and to not be able to scream and enjoy everything 100%," a park visitor told the Wall Street Journal.

It should be noted, the ban on screaming is "strongly encouraged but not strictly enforced," per Fatherly.

The East and West Japan Theme Park Associations include Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, and Universal Studios Japan.

The amusement parks have also instituted a number of more practical safety guidelines including cleaning and sanitation measures, face masks, temperature checks, social distancing, and visitor limits.

To highlight that riding the roller coasters without screaming is completely possible, two Japanese amusement park executives filmed themselves while aboard a thrill ride.

In a video posted to YouTube, the men don face masks while riding the roller coaster in complete silence.

The clip ends with the message: “Please scream inside your heart.”

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