Report: Target spends $70 mill on employee bonuses, AP poll results

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The pandemic has thrown millions out of work....but even those still working say they are stressed and stretched thin. According to a new AP poll, a quarter of workers have even considered quitting their jobs as worries related to the pandemic weigh on them. A fifth say they have taken leaves of absence. About 7 in 10 workers cite juggling their jobs and other responsibilities as a source of stress.

Target says it will spend more than $70 million on another round of employee bonuses, as the holiday shopping season picks up. The retailer will pay $200 in early November to its more than 350,000 employees who work at stores, distribution centers and contact centers.

Southeastern Grocers Inc., the owner of the Winn-Dixie and Fresco supermarket chains that emerged from bankruptcy two years ago, has filed for an initial public offering. The Jacksonville, Florida-based grocer listed an offer size of $100 million.