Thousands could be in the dark as moratorium on utility disconnections ends


As the pandemic continues, hundreds of thousands of Texans could soon find themselves in the dark.

The state's moratorium on utility disconnections has ended and now more than 600,000 Texans could have their power cut off if they can't pay their bills.

The Public Utility Commision set up a safety initiative back in March that prevented energy companies from disconecting residential customers if they couldn't pay their bills. Now that that program has lapsed each individual customer will have to negotiate with their energy provider if they are still struggling to pay.

Companies like Reliant say they are willing to work with customers especially those still struggling because of Covid-19, but adds it has to start moving forward as a business.

TXU says it will not start disconnecting customers immediately and plans to work with customers to set up payment plans .

The shut off moratorium was not a forgiveness program, so customers are still responsible for all past due bills