California Sending Fire Resources to Oregon as Fires Ravage West Coast


California's emergency officials are sending equipment and personnel north to Oregon where wildfires have killed eight people and burned a million acres across nine different counties.

The state is seeing much of the same conditions that California did, including lightning-sparked fires, extreme weather and thick smoke.

"They did send out a series of requests for resources," said Brad Alexander with the California Office of Emergency Services. The request went out to all 50 states for assistance in various ways. "And one of the items and resources we had available was a telecommunications specialist and this cache of radios."

More than 140 radios will be loaned to the state for the next three months.

While California is still fighting dozens of wildfires, crews here are making progress and Alexander says the resources can be spared. The loan is also part of a mutual aid system that has benefited California this year.

"We’ve actually had help from other countries, that’s how bad this year has been for wildfires," he explained. Help has come from as far away as New York, New Jersey, Texas, Canada and even Israel. So now it is time to return the favor.

State officials are keeping a close eye on conditions in California as the fire season is not yet over, the winter could bring a risk of mudslides and floods, and the risk of an earthquake is omnipresent.

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