Arlington ISD Outlines Plans for Hybrid Learning


Arlington ISD has detailed plans to begin in-person learning later this month. The school board voted two weeks ago to begin in-person learning September 28.

Teachers will be allowed to visit campuses before September 28 to see safety measures.

Thursday night, the board laid out its plan to start in-person classes. Arlington ISD will have a "hybrid" system, where families who choose in-person learning will send kids to class on different days of the week. Students will be split based on their last name, with kids with names A-L certain days and M-Z other days.

A poll showed about 50% of parents in Arlington favored distance learning, 40% wanted in-person classes. The rest were undecided. The district will let parents change between in-person and online learning with one week's notice.

Arlington ISD has also bought 100 thermal body cameras that can take the temperatures of 40 people at once.

The district will also disable water fountains. Students will be asked to bring their own water bottles and refill them during the day. Masks will be required for all students, but kids in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten will only have to wear them in hallways.

Through Thursday, Arlington ISD says 16 students and staff had tested positive. Another 30 staff members were in quarantine.