Ask the Expert: Truck loving Texans power through problems

By and NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

The historic winter storm that left many Texans without electricity and water in their homes led some to find comfort by any means necessary.

Some Ford truck owners were able to finally use a new feature in the new 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid pickup - a Pro Power onboard generator.

The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined KRLD's Kristin Diaz and David Rancken on the Afternoon News. He says the generator comes in three different strength levels and can be put on any F-150. He says more and more vehicle models are coming equiped with power outlets like the new 2021 Dodge Durango.

He reminds listeners, those 110 volt power outlets can be hooked up with an extention cord into your home to help charge electronics, small heaters and even coffee pots. Inverters, he says, are a pretty cheap option as well. They can use the power from a cigarette lighter to generate power in an emergency as well.