Child's Powerful Speech Turns Into Campaign Of Kindness

KRLD Difference Makers

A 9 year old boy's powerful speech turned into a campaign of kindness.

When Kherri Jean's son 9 year old son, Orion, wanted to enter a national kindness speech contest sponsored by Think Kindness, Kherri said, "You can't win if you don't enter."

The speech was due the next day! Orion went to work and wrote his speech, then recorded it to enter it in the contest. Weeks later, they found out Orion was a Top 20 finalist in the nationwide contest and that he was being paired with a speech coach for the final round of the contest.

He worked with the speech coach to perfect his speech. His final speech was submitted and America was asked to vote for the winner.

"I basically just wanted to encourage everyone to go out and do an act of kindness because in this day and age, it's something everybody needs," Orion said.

His powerful speech got the most votes and Orion was crowned the winner of the contest. As part of contest, the winners are given a cash prize and must create a kindness project.

"Of course I told everyone in my speech to go do an act of kindness and the best way to do that is lead by example so I decided there's more money coming in anyway, why don't we start a series of events?" Orion said.

The first project was the Race to Kindness, where they were racing to get 500 toys for children in hospitals. Orion used his cash prize and asked for donations and was able to surpass his original goal. He was able to buy and donate 619 toys to children in hospitals.

"It felt great knowing that something that started as small as this was able to put a smile on one child's face," Orion said.

When asked who taught him about kindness Orion said, "I definitely learned some of it from how I was raised and how my parents always taught me to be kind and respectful because it's a small way to make a change in the world."

A small way to make a change coming from a kid with a big heart and an even kinder soul.

Orion says he's planning more ways to spread kindness and you can follow what he's doing on his website at

We're proud to call Orion Jean and his Race to Kindness this week's KRLD Difference Makers.

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