Cowboys scale back the menu for today's game at AT&T Stadium


(Arlington, TX) -- One of the fans' favorite parts of the Cowboys traditional Thanksgiving Day game is chowing down on a turkey feast inside the stadium. But this year -- like so many other things -- things are very different.

Every year, the Cowboys chefs get to work early because it's a big menu. Last year, they cooked up a half-ton of turkey and that was just for starters. They ended up with 1200 pounds of sweet potatoes, 2700 pounds of green bean casserole and -- because this is Texas -- over two-and-a-half tons of good ol' mac-and-cheese. And don't forget the gravy.

They made 420 gallons of it last year. Sadly, things will be scaled back today. For one thing, the socially-distanced crowd will be 20 or 25 thousand -- compared with 90-thousand last year.

Plus, the social distance rules mean they'll just pack up a pre-packaged meal -- and hand them out at the concession stands