Denton County judge tests positive for COVID-19


The Denton County judge says he has tested positive for COVID-19. Andy Eads says the county health department notified him he had been exposed to the virus Monday.

He says he started self-isolating; this week's commissioners court meeting was moved to Zoom. Eads says he received the positive result Thursday.

"We followed the protocols, which is, once you receive that word, to self-quarantine," he says. "That's exactly what I've been doing this week out of a measure of precaution."

Eads says his symptoms have been limited to muscle pain and symptoms similar to hay fever. He says his daughter started feeling sick at school Thursday, so she is now staying home and is being tested.

"The only people who were exposed were my household. I wasn't out and about this week and wasn't able to expose anyone else," he says.

Eads says he was prescribed three medications as well as vitamins and other supplements. He says the medication is the same that was given to President Trump, and his doctor outlined protocols for him to follow; Eads says he had a phone consultation with his pharmacist Thursday.

"I feel very confident. I'm in great hands," he says.

Eads allowed bars in Denton County to open Wednesday.

"I still stand by that decision 100 percent," Eads says. "Looking at the cases we've had in Denton County, especially in the demographics who frequent bars, those cases are down. If you look at the criteria Governor Abbott set forth as far as opening bars, Denton County is well below the standards he outlined as far as hospital occupancy."

Through Thursday, hospitals in North Texas reported 1,177 COVID-19 patients. They had 1,719 open beds, 227 available ICU beds and 1,772 available ventilators.

Friday, Denton County Public Health is providing COVID-19 testing at Discovery Park at the University of North Texas campus. Testing is free for Denton County residents. Registration is required, and residents can sign up for a time by calling (940) 349-2585.