Difference Maker mending homes and hearts

Rodney Gattis has a servants heart, seeing the unseen in communities all over North Texas.

"It's something that is just there and I think all too often its just unseen," Gattis said. "People are handicapped, elderly, disabled, single parents with children who need help and their homes are starting to deteriorate and they just don't have the funds.

That's where Gattis comes in, with dozens of volunteers, through his non-profit called The Mended Network. 

Gattis and dozens of volunteers get together to do desperately needed home repairs for those in need.

"Cleaning up the yard, we're doing fence repairs and handyman type stuff but it can be as much as repainting siding, painting the outside of the home. We will go inside the home if there is a health and safety issue and we reach out to our professional partners for that," Gattis said.

The repairs are all free to the homeowner, thanks to partnerships and donations. For the recipients, getting help can be overwhelming.

"Most of them are overwhelmed with the fact that someone cares about them and that they are not in this world alone and that they're not fighting the issues of disability or just lack of funds by themselves. I think it's an amazing thing to be a part of when you're at the project and you see not only the homeowners faces light up because they're getting some help but the volunteers. It's a life-changing event in some cases," Gattis said.

The Mended Network is not only mending homes, but mending hearts as well.

"To me the biggest thing I love to see, I love to see someone's face light up like a Christmas tree. I can't explain that any different than when you see someone who has never had that experience to serve someone and they get it. They get why they are doing this and the impact it has on them, it can be something that lasts an entire lifetime," Gattis said.

We're proud to call Rodney Gattis and The Mended Network this week's KRLD Difference Makers.

To donate or volunteer, email Rodney at rgattis@themendednetwork.org.

If you know someone who is making a difference in the community, send Susy an email at susy.solis@entercom.com.