Everman police officer in ICU battling COVID-19


An Everman police officer is in critical condition battling COVID-19.

Friends, relatives and fellow officers gathered outside Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest in Fort Worth Monday night to show their support for Everman Police Officer Alex Arango. He's being treated at that hospital for COVID-19.

"I have full faith in Alex, I know how he is," said Everman Police Chief. "He is stubborn, he never says 'no', and he's not going to give up," said Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer. Arango has been with the department for nearly 27 years. Relatives at the vigil said they were glad to the support from the community and the department.

"It's a testament of your character and the love and brotherhood that you have for each other," said Arango's younger brother, Joel.  "It's really, really touching,"

Arango's sister sent a video-call to him with help from the hospital staff, although Arango was not able to respond. She also thanked those in attendance at the vigil.

"On behalf of my family, we all appreciate the love and support that we have seen through Facebook, all the text messages and the phone calls," said Danet Arango-Henry.

Officer Arango's mother is also being treated for COVID-19. The family has set up a Go Fund Me page for donations to help with their care