Judge raises Glen McCurley's bond to $500K in 1974 murder case


It will take a lot more money for a cold case capital murder suspect to get out of jail.

Glen McCurley, 77, is in the Tarrant County Jail, charged in the 1974 murder of Carla Walker, who was 17 at the time.

McCurley's bond was originally set at $100,000, but Court Judge Elizabeth Beach raised that five-fold.

"The court will grant the state's motion to raise bond," Judge Beach announced in the hearing held over Zoom, "and the court will raise the bond amount to $500,000."

Prosecutor Kimberly Davignon successfully argued that McCurley poses a fight risk.

"He has said in very clear terms to Detective (Leah) Wagner that he would rather die than go to jail," Davignon stated during her closing argument. "And that is someone who has nothing left to lose; and when someone has nothing left to lose, we have to take that into consideration about whether or not they will reappear for trial."

Defense attorney Steven Miears argued that the original $100,000 bond was reasonable.

"Even with that bail set at the amount it's been set at, he has been unable and has not made bail in this case," said Miears during his closing argument.

Miears also noted that McCurley is dealing with several health issues, including liver cancer and diabetes.

Judge Beach imposed a series of conditions should McCurley be able to make the $500,000 bond.

"Some of which will be home confinement with a GPS monitor, and also the defendant would be required to surrender any passport that he possesses," said Judge Beach at the conclusion of the hearing.