Man arrested for assaulting anti-Trump protester outside Denton Buc-ee's


Did you see that video of the Trump supporter sucker punching a counter-protester in Denton? Millions have as the video has gone viral, and the suspect has been arrested.

In the 16-second video taken early Saturday afternoon, an angry Trump supporter was yelling at a man to "turn it off," referring to an anti-Trump rap song he was playing in protest of a pro-Trump gathering outside the Buc-ee's gas station in Denton.

“F**k you, homeboy!” 44-year-old Jason Lata appears to say in the video. “I’ll f*****g eat your face off, m*****f****r. You want a f*****g piece?”

A couple seconds later, he punches the man, knocking him to the ground.

After the video went viral, Denton Police identified the attacker as Jason Lata of Flower Mound and arrested him that night.

Lata is charged with assault causing bodily injury.

The man who Lata was seen punching, Dan Schochler, took to Twitter to say he had to go to the hospital but is otherwise okay. Schochler suffered an abrasion under his right eyebrow and a chipped tooth in the attack.

CAUTION: Violence and extreme language