PHOTO: Couple turns van into mobile dining room to visit restaurants


As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, cold weather has made outdoor dining more unbearable.

However, a couple from Illinois came up with a creative way to keep visiting their favorite restaurants while staying warm.

Doug and Kim White told Today that they turned a transit van into a private dining room due to indoor dining being restricted in their state since early November.

The couple purchased a table, set up folding chairs, and hung up some lights.

Both Doug and Kim stop at local restaurants and have been sharing their experience on social media.

“Having been in the industry, I know how hard it is for a restaurant to stay in business even without a pandemic threat,” Doug White wrote in a Facebook post.

“We turned the Mikey Mobile into a portable dining room. We’ll do what we can to support our eateries," he continued.

As for supporting local businesses, the couple posts reviews of their meals online.

They include details about options for carryout or delivery in each post so more people can order from their favorite spots.

“We both agreed not being able to sit at the bar and enjoy an ice-cold Old Style made the experience not quite as good, but in this COVID world, we’ll take what we can get!” Doug wrote.

The couple shared that the idea went viral on social media, and multiple media organizations have interviewed them.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the restaurant industry significantly, the Whites will do whatever they can to support them.

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