Covid-19 hitting minority kids


The Coronavirus has killed more than 200-thousand people in the United States. Racial and ethnic minorities are especially hard-hit ----and black, Latino and Native American children make up a disproportionate number.

Dr. Jean Laclerc Raphael, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston says the parents of a lot of these are children of essential workers. Perhaps their parents work in grocery stores or factories. They work long hours and often deal with the public. They are at higher risk of exposure and are disproportionately racial and ethnic minorities. And they tend to live in more crowded conditions

"Multi-generational households.  So in those situations it's much harder to social distance in a way we would ideally want people to."

He says there's been some data that shows while children may be more likely have a mild case or be asymptomatic, but they can transmit the virus like anyone else.  "There's been some data that shows they have a high viral load, whether it's in their respiratory tracts or their nasal passages.  It is unclear what that means in terms of the extent they infect other people."

He says kids are higher risk are those less than a year old or with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes.