Stray dog coaxed out of brutal Texas cold by woman holding a tortilla

Pile of tortillas
Pile of tortillas Photo credit Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

It's hard to imagine how many pets were also displaced due to the severe winter weather Texas experienced last week, which included this black Labrador found wandering the streets of San Antonio.

Kristin Salinas-Labrador was driving home when she noticed this pup out in the cold, and tried to get him into her car to keep warm. Understandably, the dog was afraid so Kristin grabbed some tortillas her partner asked her to bring home that evening.

By breaking the tortilla into pieces, Kristin was able to coax the dog into her car where she was able to bring him home and out of the snow.

According to Yahoo!, the dog wasn't chipped, so Kristin and her wife are housing the dog until they can find him a forever home. The couple would love to keep the lab themselves, but they already have several rescue dogs and have hit their limit.

Fortunately, the couple has received a TON of inquiries about adopting the pup, which they have (of course) adorably nicknamed "Taco." Nicole said, "I have people left and right that say they want this dog. That they want the 'tortilla dog!'"