KROQ To The Rescue: Dos and Don'ts of Kitten Rescue



On this month’s episode of KROQ to the Rescue, presented by Mercedes-Benz, Kat Corbett discusses kitten rescue with Jennifer Pimentel - Executive Director of Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles. Watch the video chat for the Dos and Don’ts of kitten rescue.

People are encouraged to leave healthy kittens with their mother, who is often nearby hunting for food and will return to care for her babies. “If mom does come back, we suggest monitoring the family from a distance to ensure they stay safe and healthy until the kittens are eating solid food, typically around 7-8 weeks old,” Pimentel said.  

If mom doesn’t return, that’s where Angelenos can step in and become a kitten hero. The website has extensive instruction on what an orphaned kitten needs and resources for supplies, as well as a link to the Best Friends Vet App, a service that allows for phone or video calls with a veterinarian. (The Best Friends App is free for up to one year for those that rescue kittens). 

As part of the No Kill Los Angeles Initiative, information on how to help kittens, complete with instructional video and resources, can be found at

There’s also a kitten-focused telephone number has also been established at (818) 643-3852 to provide information. There’s also a form for contact that you can fill out on the website. A kitten expert will get in touch with rescuers within 24-48 hours. ​