KROQ To The Rescue: Fostering Dogs with Carlyn Kessler

KROQ To The Rescue is our program, hosted by Kat Corbett, where we highlight different animal rescues around Southern California and hopefully help some of these animals find forever homes.

Fostering is a great way to have a pet in your life short term. You get all the benefits of unconditional love plus free medical care while freeing up space at shelters and rescues, so caregivers can tend to other animals in need. Fostering also allows you to gather important information about your foster pets’ personality and quirks. This is valuable information for potential adoptees and will help ensure a perfect adoption match.

Kat Corbett spoke to longtime friend Carlyn Kessler who has worked with everyone from Dave Matthews Band to Alabama Shakes under ATO records and Red Light Management. Carlyn is a big fan of pit bulls and she has experience fostering through A Purposeful Rescue and LA Animals Services. Check out the chat and learn first-hand what it’s like to be a foster parent.

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