CM Punk Discusses His Future In Wrestling on the Kevin & Bean Show


This morning, Phillip Brooks (better known by his wrestling ring name CM Punk) stopped by the Kevin & Bean Show to talk about his upcoming movie "Girl on the Third Floor", but with rumors swirling about his possible return to wrestling, he took some time to address the speculation and discuss what his plans are for the future.

"It's taken on a life of its own," CM Punk said of rumors that he was returning to any specific organization, addressing that the state of social media allows certain ideas to get out of hand really easily.  

When Jensen Karp asked if wrestling was still on his mind, CM Punk answered quickly with a firm no. "My dream job is being April's husband and Larry's father," referring to his wife April Mendez (better known by her wrestling name AJ Lee) and their dog. 

Referencing the two major wrestling federations, CM Punk pointed out that it isn't up to him to get the ball rolling on a possible deal. "If you want me to work for you, why is it my responsiblity to move that forward? Shouldn't you be contacting me?" he asked, before repeating that he doesn't miss wrestling as much as he misses "just performing" for a crowd.

Listen to the full interview on the Kevin & Bean Podcast here.

Check out the trailer for "Girl on the Third Floor" below.