Get Up On This With Jensen Karp: The Shrink Next Door/ A a a a a Very Good Song/ Pinball Map App

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Every Thursday morning Jensen Karp brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past.

Now it's time to "Get Up On This."

This week Jensen brought in 3 different things that you can download to enhance your cell phone user experience. As we move through them, Jensen admitted that each of the 3 items will decrease in mass appeal, with the final item being very self-serving for basically...only Jensen. 

The first is a podcast. The Shrink Next Door is a new podcast on the Wondery Network. Wonder is quickly becoming the HBO of podcasts having released Dirty John, Dr. Death, and Over My Dead Body, all stellar and currently being adapted for television. It’s narrated by New York Times writer Joe Nocera who at one time lived in the Hamptons next door to Dr. Isaac Herschkopf. Dr. Herschkopf had one of the biggest estates there and invited Joe to very extravagant parties by the Doc’s groundskeeper. The house was filled with photos of the doctor and a number of celebrities. The estate was mind-blowingly gaudy. Then one day - the entire thing came crashing down. The house didn’t belong to the doctor and that wasn’t the groundskeeper at all. It’s the story of a therapist’s psychological manipulation and questionable ethics, crossing lines and defrauding patients left and right. Nocera has interviews, archived evidence, and unprecedented access to this crazy story. Five episodes have already been released for you to binge and next week you can listen to the final episode.

The second item is a song called A a a a a Very Good Song by Samir Mezrahi. The song is ten minutes of silence and it is guaranteed to be the first track in your phone’s music library when you connect to your cars Bluetooth or aux cord. Now you will now have ten minutes to decide what music you want to play in your car, rather than being forced to hear the first song, categorized alphabetically in your library. Mezrahi created this song because he was tired of uncontrollably hearing All You Have To Do is stay by Taylor Swift every single day. You can download this song for 99 cents, and although you are buying silence, Jensen’s advice is saving you from eventually hating a song you love.

The third, very specific, item is an app called Pinball Map. It’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play. When you open the app, it uses the phone’s GPS to find all the playable pinball machines near your current location. It gives you the machine's condition and it lets you know what, if anything, is wrong with the Pinball machine. This item may only be useful for one group of people, Pinheads. But at least Jensen managed to somehow include Pinball into a Get Up On This.