Kevin & Bean's GREAT NEWS: Meet the Teacher Who Is Fostering His Student

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Today on Kevin & Bean we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Kevin introduced us to Finn Lanning. He’s a Math teacher in Aurora, Colorado who is now fostering Damien, a 13-Year-old student of his. Damien started the school year in Lanning’s class but disappeared. Lanning found out that Damien went back to live at the hospital to receive medical treatment for a kidney disorder, which requires 12 hours of dialysis each day. Damien is in the Foster Care System and in desperate need of a new kidney. Damien, unfortunately, isn’t eligible for a transplant because he is homeless, and when you’re living in the hospital, you’re not able to be on the transplant list because people without stable housing are considered high risk for their body to reject an organ transplant. So when a foster home can’t be found, Damien is forced to live in the hospital, and he can’t leave to attend school. After frequent visits, Lanning could no longer look the other way so he decided to step in and offered to take Damien in. Damien has also been moved to the top of the waiting list for a new Kidney. This was Kevin’s Great News!!! Click here to read the entire story.

Bean brought our attention to Staci Alonso, who opened Noah's Animal House, a full-service pet shelter located right on the grounds of a domestic violence shelter in Las Vegas. This is a genius idea because domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States and one in four experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime. Among the many reasons for not leaving an abusive relationship is because people don’t want to leave their pets. Fewer than 10% of domestic violence shelters provide some sort of pet service. Sometimes peoples’ pets are their rocks, and they can’t imagine leaving them, so they stay rather than leave. Noah’s House is the first of its kind in the country it has cat condos, dog runs, cuddle rooms, a vet station and a grooming station all in one facility where they can visit and take care of their pets. Noah's House has staff and volunteers who help care for the pets while the women are looking for jobs, going to therapy or taking care of themselves. Knowing that so few places like Noah's exist, Alonso opened a second location last year in Reno. This was Bean’s GREAT NEWS!!! Click here to read the entire story.

Today Allie told us about Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children. The hospital employs child life specialists whose sole job is to help the children there beyond their medical needs. The child life department has been in the Huntsville Hospital for over 20 years and they make coming in for surgeries more at ease. Their specialists are trained in child psychology and development to know how to meet the needs of every child. Making a trip to the hospital, not only bearable but even fun. They have arranged the waiting room to be fun with games everywhere and they do their best to take the child’s mind off the surgery. The best part is the ride into surgery in a toy car, they even get their own driver's license. This pediatrics department makes it easier for the parents as well, because they know the child is not scared, or crying, and not in a fearful state. This Was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!! Click here to read the entire story.

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